Mislead and tainted, humanity sought to...

Cripple a threatening ministry,
Ruin a dangerous reputation,
Undermine a blasphemous claim,
Crush the hopes of faithful followers,
Insult the concept of a personal god,
Furnish themselves with a 'public example' of the consequences of rebellion and,
Yield to their own rules their own way.

But good and awesome in His nature, God...

Created an intercessor for sin's price
Redefined the concept of 'God' from a distant deity to that of Personal Savior,
Unlocked heaven's doors for His trusting children,
Crushed underfoot Satan's plans for man's demise,
Introduced humanity to His ultimate compassion for them,
Freely gave, opening the invitation of His love to...
You. He thought of you as He bled, and rose, and won.


  1. You have said so very much in so little space, and every word truth.

  2. Thank you Crystal for such an inspiring post of Jesus and the cross. May our Lord continue to shine through you and your blog. God bless, Lloyd

  3. I'm glad you like it! Who says night shift has nothing to offer?! 8 hours a week behind a dead register is what every writer needs :)

  4. Nice post. Thanks for bringing out all the things we do ourselves to crucify christ.