My Wish List

I'm channeling my inner child for this holiday season and have transported myself back to my cheery pink bedroom.   I've taken a spot on the checkerboard carpeting and, surrounded by my most trusted stuffed animal friends, have penned a wish list from that innocent little girl's greatest imaginings.

I'm writing you to let you know
my needs
my wants
my wish

I'm giving to you
all my faith
and trust.

My mother tells me you can come
with magic
and a 

Fulfill desires
so here goes!
You must....

1) Clean my room (remember, that means nothing under the bed) 
2) Heal my aunt, she lives on 5th and Spruce
3) The Christmas Cabbage Patch at Target; green eyes, hair bright red
4) Poop needs scooping, thanks to great dane,  Bruce
5) Mini donuts
6) Sparkly shoes
7) Feed the homeless
8) Save the ewes
9) Make it snow, but bring a shovel
10) To each friend's house, a secret tunnel
11) Mom wants quiet, dad wants Christmas finally to be over;
      maybe they could have a place to hide.
12) I want 2 or 3 or 4 more presents than my sister,
        (she can't know so do it on the sly)
13) Boobs
14) Strawberries that grow in winter 
15) Marshmallows that bloom on trees
16) Kitty cats as maids and butlers
17) Guinea pigs on indoor skis
18) All the walls the whole world over, black and white like coloring books
19) Crayon plants that sprout with brilliance everywhere a child looks
20) Jars of pennies
21) Lefts to all the rights of Barbie's shoes
22) Snow White make-up
23) Ballerinas dressed in pink tutus
24) No more homework, tests or grades
25) Replace the schools with large arcades..........
I'll take a breath and let you figure where you want to start
I'm sure this month's a bear for you, at best.
You've always heard my prayers and I've been told you're in my heart,  
but if you must
 Outsource to Santa for the rest.
Looking to dust off your own imagination for a while?  
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