A Perfect Good

     Living in a hostile world such as ours requires certain skills.   I used to see this as a sad but necessary development involving fear, cynicism , and the inevitable distrust of every person until  trust was earned.  I would fight my nature to keep people at bay and trapped in the category of 'might hurt me when given the chance'.   And through it all, I guess you could say I was surviving but, to me, that's never been a motivating force.  Thankfully revelation has struck that has given me, once again, the opportunity to do whatever the hell I want coupled with the wisdom to  justify it to others.  I indeed live a blessed life. And, even better, it 's a joyful, contented, and optimistic life so I'll share.  Consider this an introduction to the secret of my success.

     The idea of 'A Perfect Good' isn't the revelation for I've been employing this perspective skill since I was a child.  What recently struck me though is the idea that this perspective is the ONLY coping skill I need to employ.  I have been freed from the fear of having to distrust the unknown as I have already emphasised that it is not survival that will ever give me the drive to continue forward.  The appreciation of a Perfect Good fuels my soul and fills my heart. And no, I'm not safer through employing the enjoyment of the little intimate details of life.  And I'm not ignorant that someone may try to do me harm.  But I've gone back to childhood innocence and a weight has been lifted that I only carried at the request and warnings of others.  I am unburdened enough to again experience beauty and magic and allow life to touch me in its purest forms.  Please, don't ask anything other from me!

     The Perfect Good concept involves a completely subjective angle.  It's the person employing the perspective that a Perfect Good benefits.  Because of this I can't give you examples of them, for things that are in this special category to me, will not necessarily apply to you.   Similarly, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a Perfect Good is beneficial to you because of your unique appreciation of it.  And just as one person cannot dictate to another what is beautiful...well hopefully you'll catch the idea.

      To the best of my ability I've created a list : a pen/paper description to an otherwise completely abstract pleasure.   I feel I'm doing you a disservice in this way but I don't know how else I can share it and this is a gift that becomes even more amazing when it's shared, so I have to try.

A Perfect Good is:

  Although according to my spell check this isn't actually a word I think it properly encompasses the quality of this particular concept.  'Untouchable' works too but isn't quite the same.  Nothing exists that can make it less than 'perfectly good' to you.  This, to me at least, is the most important aspect of a Perfect Good.

Your subjective experiences create what is, to you, perfectly good.  No one has to agree with you about it's value.  You don't have the responsibility of sharing it.   It is, perhaps unknown up until now, part of what makes you unique.

No resources on your part, outside yourself, are required to create them.  Observation and appreciation are the main actions involved in the relationship between yourself and a Perfect Good.

A Perfect Good doesn't need to be part of your environment.  Physical conditions need not be met in order to experience one.

-Healing  (This is what makes one really stand out to me)
 It will bring you a peace, a healing touch, a spontaneous smile, even take you outside the moment.

     These listed qualities, I fear, are putting boundaries on a concept without boundaries so please don't hold them to be defining characteristics of what should be considered good.  And perhaps I'm complicating (as a matter of fact I'm sure I'm making this more complicated than necessary) what you already know.  But sometimes we all need a spark of insight and a Perfect Good can be just that.

     Too often we feel we share this world with faceless masses. This couldn't be further from the truth that this world is not shared; it is your own.  Each of us has a 100% claim to his/her existence within this reality:  no less for anyone.  A Perfect Good helps you tap into the fullness of that experience.  The relationship of the greater potential so frequently gets lost in the daily trivialities.  I don't let that happen in my life and I live in full moments when I observe and acknowledge a Perfect Good.  I strongly encourage you, humanity!, to tap into this power.