The Champion's Call

    To champion for a cause is to support, defend, promote, put in a good word for (and a list of other synonyms that can be found on Thesaurus.com) a cause, movement, purpose, conviction or ideal.  And although many, and I dare say, most of us have a particular cause that strikes our hearts, we perhaps don't fully know how simple it is to help others champion as well.

    Fairytales, Bible stories, legends, myths, lore and the like speak of champions as mighty in strength, victorious in battle and the heroes forever in the minds and souls of the fortunate townspeople, village folk, forest dwellers or mermaids/men who otherwise would be fodder for the dreaded dragon, demon, invading army, pestilence, curse, corrupt king or underfed carnivore.

     Now, sadly, the traditional definition for champion doesn't fit my everyday activities.  I very rarely slay.   But I am certainly  a person who cares about stuff and knows things about good doing and positive making.  And I've seen others, not in suits of armor, lending hands, collecting and donating and being part of a greater movement of change in areas that affect important parts of their lives.  So, it can be said with gusto, that the heroes have not all gone!!  But there is another side to heroism that hasn't made its way to action just yet.  Good intentions!!!!!   Good intentions are well wishes that just haven't been wished.  They are the good deed doers and change makers that are stuck poised at the starting line without enough direction to know in which way to race.

    And here is where I tie all these loose paragraphs into a cohesive and comprehensible mission.  As a matter of fact, it's February's challenge on www.inspiringchallenges.blogspot.com 

      We are going to use the information, experiences, resources, passion and wherewithal we have that pertains to a cause dear to our own lives in order to fire the starter's pistol for the good intention-ers and get them on their way to active service.

You choose the cause.  You set the pace.  You make the difference.

Visit the challenge and take it on for yourself, your cause, and the ones ready to be led into battle, action, usefulness, serviceability.........