January Evangelical Intro.

For many of us a new year marks a fresh start for bettering ourselves. Through our resolutions to cut down on our bad habits and begin or renew good routines we acknowledge that we need to be smarter with our choices. An untouched calendar gives us the guilt free opportunity to admit that we have failed in the past and to try to make the most out of the new year ahead of us. Sadly this isn’t what the Bible teaches us to do.
It does tell us to repent and we’re taught to take on good habits and routines but to wait a year to do it? That’s not Jesus’ gift to us! His gift is instant renewal in times of repentance. When we realize our shortcomings, failures and sins we’re not given a new year in which to start over! We’re given a new week, a new day and even a new breath!
Try seeing your Mondays as a way of starting fresh. Okay, if Mondays are a stretch for you, try embracing your mornings as a new beginning! Not a morning person, either? Then you might just be a ‘new breath’ type of person.
Admit your shortcomings when you see them, take a deep breath, give your failures to God and start anew.
How empowering it is to have a new breath in which to live our lives!
How awesome our God must be!

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