December Evangelical Intro.

Welcome to December!!!
Well, we’ve made it. Another year of memories, trials and triumphs is behind us and as far as individuals go, our ups and downs have proven to be as different as night and day. For some of us 2008 has ushered in new life in the form of another baby while others have suffered through the loss of a friend or relative. Some of us have clung to each day’s prayer for provision while others have helped provide for their neighbors. Some of us have woken bright and optimistic most mornings while some have woken with hesitancy and doubt.
As individuals we are vastly different in our daily lives. But in one respect we have found a common ground. We know each other through our love for Christ.
We each seek to grow in Him every week and we turn to each other to share in fellowship at the old church at 317 Juniper St.
On Sundays, although our individual voices can be heard and our individual strengths are applied, we are no longer individuals. We come together to worship our Father, and that reminds us that we are family members. As we usher in this season of the birth of our Lord, the greatest gift ever given, I want to thank you, the faithful congregation of Quakertown Evangelical Church for being a gift to each other this year. Thank you for lending a shoulder to cry on, providing a meal to be enjoyed, and becoming a friend to confide in.
Thank you for being a family in Christ.

{The Evangelical is a monthly publication of Quakertown Evangelical Church- www.quakertownecna.com}

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