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     I've recently been compiling freelance work to submit to magazines, writing contests, and any and all other known sources of literary fineness.  This entails very long hours of market research, very late nights of writing and revising, as well as having to put together a short "75 words or less, please" biography to have printed alongside my published works should a fish ever bite down on my hooked rancid chicken liver. [revise this later; gross, unappealing image.  Good grief!  What are you thinking!  Get more coffee!]

     Have you ever tried to write a 75 word biography on yourself?  [then it's an autobio.- do i want to change this?]    It's challenging and quite revealing.   I think I would be able to write one on someone else in a fraction of the time because there would be less fear of misrepresenting who they really were.   It sounds harsh but honestly, I don't know who they REALLY are; at least not in the way that was giving me so much trouble on my own definition of who I am and why someone should want to read what I write.

     I typed it up in a short period of time [quickly], pressed 'save', put the computer away and rolled over to sleep for my 3 hour power nap before work.

   "Gotta change that wording.  It's a mixed metaphor. [it's not a metaphor, it's an analogy!  and it isn't mixed, it's misleading]  Wow, I wonder if I do that a lot.  It seems much sharper than I really am.  Should I mention being a Christian  if it's not relevant.  Is it always relevant?   Would I always put Buddhist if I were.  Yeah, okay.   Am I living too softly?  It seems much sharper than who I am! "

     Eventually I did sleep, as I almost always do, but the words kept rolling through my mind all night at work; the mixed metaphor mostly.  [it isn't a metaphor!!!  Good grief, take a class!  It's a misleading analogy!]

     My biography, and maybe most biographies are like this, seems to tell what I want to do as opposed to what I really do.  Well, here...judge for yourself.

'I write to inspire action, bring conviction out of complacency, and encourage the everyday man to live passionately for others.'

     This is the beginning and really, like I said, it's ideally what I want my obituary to say about who I was and how I changed the world, but it's seems....well....'sharper' is the best word I can find!  I feel soft and ineffective in comparison to these words; Inspire!  Conviction!  Passionately!

So here goes!  I'm about to inspire the socks off ya!

A 'Write Your Own Bio.' challenge!'  And here's what you do:

1) In 75 words (or less of course) write up the description of your identity.  (yeah, I told you it wasn't easy!)

*Some tips for you!*

- A bio. is factual ......in a very optimistic way.     Am I the Queen of England?  No, but perhaps 'I have opened doors internationally with my leadership potential'.  See what I mean?

-This is not a list of goals, but more like a short resume'.  And this is not the time for modesty!  You are selling yourself; what do you have to offer?

-This is an inspirational exercise so dig deeply.  Are you who you want to be?
If not, use this bio. to more sharply define the strengths you want to  develop, such as my bio. did for me.
If so, use this opportunity to highlight your strengths in order to better utilize them in your life and the lives of others.

2) Email me:  crystalmaywaring@yahoo.com
- In the 'subject' type 'Bio. Challenge'
- In the body of the email include:
       *your bio.
       *your name (or 'anonymous' if you would prefer that posted with the bio)
       *And for the lucky Q-townians who received the personal FB invite, don't forget  
         your shipping address and to mention from which of the 3 Q-town landmark
         retail locations you would like your inspirational goodie!!

(all addresses will only be used for this challenge and will not be posted or used        
         for any other purpose or challenge)

Your bio. will help christen my new blog
  Challenge Me!   www.inspiringchallenges.blogspot.com,
and will be posted in the comments section under 'Bio. Challenge'

Okay, here's my completed bio. as it seems only fitting I should expose myself first (behave!), and you can use it as an example if you need one.

I write to inspire action, bring conviction out of complacency, and encourage the everyday man to live passionately for others.  As an ex-wife to an ex-pastor I utilize my behind- the-scenes church experiences to expose tradition/superstitions and soft redundant sermons.  I began writing as a child, have been blogging for 3 years and have only recently begun to submit poetry, short stories and devotionals to other sources.  

Let's see if you are as inspired as I was and actively strive to live out your claims.

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