March Evangelical Intro.

Bye -Bye Winter!

After trekking through to the other side of the frosty months we’re peeking around the corner for what we know will arrive; flowers, warmth and growth.
March could justifiably be named ‘the month of optimism’ for although we wake up to all-day showers we’re satisfied.
It’s not snow.
Spring is on it’s way.
When I was going through a particularly difficult time, our own Pastor Jim walked by me and quietly said the four most comforting words I’ve ever been offered;
“This too will pass.”
Such a simple truth that sometimes seems so difficult to remember!
'This too will pass.'
March is a month of cold rain and messy mud puddles. It’s a transition month taking us from the inconveniences of ice and snow to the pleasures of fragrant breezes and budding trees. And although ‘this too shall pass’ is not a direct quote from our Bibles, it is certainly a biblical theme.
When Christ was being mocked and beaten He looked to
the greater purpose and knew, ‘these trials will pass’.
While praying at Gethsemane He was visited by an angel and
I think it’s safe to assume the angel didn’t highlight the details of the anguish Jesus was going to face but the triumph after the pain.
March is here! Winter is almost behind us and Spring is on it’s way! If you’re not a natural optimist get some practice this month. Look past the rain to the fresh breeze that follows. Skip over the puddles and be glad the ice is gone.
Allow the truth behind ‘this too will pass’ to get you to the other side of your trials and more greatly appreciate the triumphs that inevitably follow.
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  1. Alright so we got more snow!! This was my shot at optimism :)

  2. Thank you for that :)

    You write beautifully. I love that you are a person of a faith who is interested in learning about religion and culture beyond the US. I'm with you on that.

    I am a Christian who believes:

    "Our view of God tends to be limited and culturally biased. God is probably not one limited idea—one comforting and familiar religious image, as perceived by only one group of people—but all great things to all people." --The WInding Path.

    I think there is a lot of wonderful wisdom wordwide that is not contradictory from culture to culture. There is much that we share that is not threatening to each other's culture and beliefs...

    Anyway, if you would like, stop by:

  3. I love it. But for me I would jump in the puddles!!