February Evangelical Intro.

How odd we are as a nation! We choose February, the shortest month of the year, to be our time to honor some of the most important events of our country and lives. Alright, Groundhog day may not be that monumental but look at the strides Black History Month has taken! We’ve grown so aware, accepting, and unified as a nation, our first black president and first family have just been ushered into the White House. Black History month can take a lot of the credit for that! And what about President’s Day? The day most of us just look forward to because of the long weekend is set as a reminder of the men who have led this country to its historic placement today! Kudos to them gets crammed into this tiny little month. And of course, as the Wal-Marts and drug stores of the country will let no one forget, Valentine’s Day all but defines the month of February. The holiday of love and romance marks the middle of the fleeting collection of days we shuffle around to fill. So what’s my point? Where is the lesson we can learn from February? Don’t underestimate the value of small packages, maybe? Or how about, “Each day has it’s value unto itself”. Yeah, that’s all true, but let’s keep it tangible. Jesus wasn’t confined by months, days or years. His short life acknowledged each moment that passed as an opportunity to serve, praise or worship his God. Let this month remind you of moments. Live in them for they are as fleeting as February itself.

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